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Terms of Trade

  • General terms and conditions form an integral part of each contract are always available to customers at our offices on theAnkaranska cesta 7b, Koper, as well as on our website.
  • The customer makes an offer to buy or sell always in written form, signed personally (signed contract) or via e-mail or fax (hereinafter contract) within our working hours from Monday to Friday from 9.00h to 15.00h.
  • The contract is signed the moment when the customer pays the entire purchase price at the account of our society.
  • For contracts are subject to the current price from our price list. In the event that the pricing has changed and also in the process of post corrections on the website, the subscriber will be informed without delay.
  • The costs of the protected transport of precious metals from the company's supplier to the premises of our society on the Ankaranska cesta 7b are included in the price.
  • Contract price is valid for delivery in our offices on the Ankaranska cesta 7b in Koper. In the case of delivery to the customer with the address of the customer is obliged to pay the shipping costs.
  • The entire purchase price must be paid in advance and no later than within 24 hours after accept of a contract. This is necessary because our company orders the precious metals immediately after the conclusion of the contract to ensure the full price.
  • If the customer pays the purchase price in place of a third party, the contracting authority must deliver a written statement from the person who has made the payment before the delivery. That statement states that the payment has been made on behalf of the client and there are no impediments to the delivery of paid subscriber.
  • The client is aware that our company buys precious metals from the Mint or. wholesalers, and in the event of certain market conditions (eg increased demand, emergencies, etc.). the company retains the right to extend delivery date if that occirs as above mentioned circumstances. circumstances, in order to award the contract the buyer agrees.
  • Our company is not in any way obliged to accept contracts for the purchase or sale, but it still retains the right of discretion.
  • Our company takes strictly into account the legal provisions in the scope of protection of personal data.
  • In the event of a dispute, the customer and our company mutually undertake that they will seek to resolve disputes in a friendly manner, if not then all disputes will be resolved in the Court of Koper according to the Law of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • We reserve the right to supply equivalent products from equal ranking producers. In any case, the proven purity of gold bars is 999.9 / 1000th The dimensions of gold bars (the same total weight) of different manufacturers can vary dimensionally (height, width, thickness).


Exclusion of liability

Edisontrade website is maintained to the highest possible level of care. However, company Edisontrade, d.o.o. does not guarantee the currency, accuracy or reliability of any information on the site. All information on website is subject to change without notice and are of informative purpose.



Company Edisontrade d.o.o. operates in accordance with the Protection of personal data. Our basic premise is of strict professionalism when dealing with customers and discretion as to the identity of the parties and the types and quantities of orders.


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